The skin is regarded as our body’s largest organ which is affected by many factors. There are many contributing factors to maintaining healthy skin including a good balanced diet (including lots of water to help refresh and eliminate toxins etc.), safe sun exposure and good quality sleep etc., and supplements as advised.


When problems happen with our skin other than temporary issues, such as ongoing acne/pimples, rashes, dermatitis, moles that change, rosacea, psoriasis, shingles, warts etc., it is advisable to seek support from an appropriate source/health professional. Many symptoms can be easily treated with the correct treatment.



Also there is an online resource provided by Health Direct Australia called the “healthdirect Symptom checker” developed by the National Health Services in conjunction with the Australian Clinical Panel (including G.P.’s and other medical specialists) which supports G.P.’s and patients to check symptoms / suggest possible causes and treatments. This can assist the G.P. to correctly identify and diagnose. Health Direct Australia can be contacted by phone for free 24 hours/day on 1800 022 222 for health advice and information.


General dietary advice may be available free of charge at your nearest Community Health Centre / Health service.



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